4 Mindsets for Lifelong Learning

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Learning new things can be difficult with the wrong mindset.

Here are 4 mindsets to help you get through these difficulties.

  1. Kaizen (slow and incremental progress). It’s going to get tough, but I can ALWAYS make microscopic progress. Shift your view from macro to micro. Focus on achievable goals. Focusing too much on the end goal can derail progress at the micro level.
  2. Next Action. As a complement to the Kaizen mindset, adopt the “Next Action” mindset. When the goal becomes overwhelming, zoom in to the next, actionable, task. What is the literal next action? I’m overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of this Computer Programming goal- a lifelong learning process possibly. I have absolutely zero experience in this arena. The next action I can take is just mapping out my entire journey. Because of my inexperience, I must start with a macro perspective.
  3. Less capable people have done it. This can be a bit egotistical, but when motivation starts to wane (and it will), you need to motivate yourself in any way possible.
  4. The Beginner’s Mindset. The beauty of being the beginner is you get to ask questions that non-beginners are afraid to ask. Adopt this mindset throughout the entire journey and you be on the right track.



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