After A Bout of Terrible Writing, How Do You Bounce Back?

Analyzing Writing Routines

The first thing to do is analyze the current problem. I just fell off the “sacred writing hours” routine and it’s been tough to get back on.

5 Ways to Improve my current routine

  1. Go for a long walk. I’ve written about this, but have never done it with enough consistency to reap its benefits.
  2. Prewriting. This takes many forms. Free-form journaling, vomiting thoughts on paper, seems like a good way to get the writing juices flowing.
  3. Writing headlines. Tim Denning, prolific Medium writer, writes these all the time. I’ve tried this and most headlines didn’t work out. But the point is practicing writing headlines. Ninety percent won’t stick.
  4. Reflection. Thinking about writing routines and adjusting wherever necessary (this essay’s purpose).
  5. No really. Do the sacred hour thing. Block off time for writing. Block off time for sitting at your desk. This is what you control. The writing may or may not come. Just sit still for the duration of your sacred writing time.



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