An Undervalued Super Power- Avoiding Politics

Twitter has started letting previously-banned individuals back onto the platform.

And it is getting a little heated to say the least.

In times like these, it is more critical to avoid the divisive politics that seems so prevalent these days. I avoid it not because politics is beneath me. I think it’s important to take stances in certain cases.

But the biggest reason, in my experience, to avoid it is because it is a huge distraction when you’re pursuing your goals.

When drastic changes occurs, it’s usually accompanied by some upset people. It’s also accompanied by some happy people. That is certainly the case with Twitter.

There is no shortage of people in both of these camps.

The people who are upset tend to be very vocal. The people who are happy tend to be less so.

But here’s the thing- it doesn’t matter what side you are on.

What matters is that you stay focused on your goals and don’t get sucked into the drama.

The bottom line is there will always be happy and upset people no matter the circumstances. And, unfortunately, it seems as though it is a zero-sum game where happiness is gained at the expense of others’ happiness.

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