Ditch Reading Goals. Produce Instead.

Ditch the Reading Goals

Still read though. Don’t make book count the measure of wisdom.

#1. Skim the Table of Contents.

The author used the TOC as his/her outline. The TOC is a summary. Understand the layout and why the author is presenting information the way he/she does.

#2. Ask questions. Be a Socratic reader. Connect the concepts with your current knowledge.

Socrates, Greek philosopher, was notorious for asking probing questions to anyone who would listen. Chances are, this isn’t the first book on the subject you have read. You have some background information on the subject. How is this new material connected to your current knowledge? Why does the author feel the need to write about this topic? What is the author trying to say here?

#3. No Unpublished Thought.

Work out this newly-gained knowledge in public, via writing and publishing. Publishing forces you to work out the concepts to a sufficient degree that makes it easier for others to consume. Explaining a concept to others is difficult when you, yourself, don’t understand it. It is an effortful goal, but worthwhile if understanding is the end state.



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