How to Maintain a Daily Writing Streak When Life Gets in the Way

Photo by Jessica Delp on Unsplash
  1. First, we need to ask ourselves why we need to maintain this streak in the first place. This sounds cliché, but we need to find our why. When we do things for others, the lamest excuse to not write will derail our efforts. Write for yourself. Write because it makes you a better person.
  2. Second, practice what prolific writer Tim Denning does: constantly write blog titles. Do a basic search on Medium of whatever interests you. Pay attention to the top searches. Particularly pay attention to their titles. Mimic that until you’ve attained similar success.
  3. Third, it’s okay to write about the difficulties of daily writing. This is relatable. In fact, this might be my third article on the daily writing difficulties. It’s also okay to write junk. Sometimes, publishing is more important than the content you’re pushing. Sometimes.
  4. Artificial Intelligence can help. I’ve been using for the past month. I thought it would take out all the creativity in my writing. Although it did provide a ton of output, I still found myself writing about 95% of the articles I’ve published. At most, I’ve used AI to spur some inspiration. It kept my daily publishing streak alive.



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