How to Write Everyday- Do’s and Don’ts

If you want to write everyday, don’t rely on inspiration. Instead, build a foolproof system.

Like New Year’s resolutions, inspiration wanes. We begin rationalizing. When the north star constantly changes, we rely on luck to accomplish our goals.

Here’s a short list of unproductive results that come with poor planning for this challenge.

• Destructive self-talk. “I’m not really cut out for this stuff… I don’t know why I even thought I could do this…”

• Practice makes perfect. You lose the opportunity to practice setting and achieving goals. Someone who’s practiced does better than an un-practiced person.

• You stop setting goals. Goals should stretch us. They should be attainable, but not easy. With nothing but good intentions, we set ourselves up for failure.

I struggled after 2 weeks in my first Ship 30 Cohort.

Create a foolproof system to become a prolific writer.

• Have an idea capture system. It has to be frictionless. I use Google Keep. I use the dictation feature.

• Review your captured ideas! Regularly. Google Keep has a reminder feature. I set the reminder for some time in the future.

• Use templates! Typeshare has a bunch of them. Use them. You’ll start framing your captured ideas into those templates.

• Make time to write. The sacred hour should be consistent. Mornings work for me.

I wish I had realized this before starting my first cohort. Systems over goals. The system IS the goal.

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