Procrastination Cure: Just Move

Procrastination has hit me lately. My goals are all over the place and I don’t know where to start sometimes. Here’s how I deal with procrastination.

Handling procrastination applies to everything in life. If there is a task, there’s always procrastination. Once you’re able to tame procrastination, you’ll start realizing your goals.

Now, let’s dive in.

If you set a goal to become rich investing in stocks, there are so many places to start. The endless amount of choices paralyze you. The breadth of the grand goal also immobilizes you. Break it down into minuscule goals that are so easy to achieve.

With your reduced goal in hand, move. Go through the motions. Make “going through the motions” the goal of that work session. You’ll gain some traction and will likely produce quality work.

I can’t focus for a long time. I can focus for 25 minutes before I start getting distracted. When I read difficult texts, I need to cap the session at 25 minutes. The end must be in sight otherwise I’d lose motivation. If procrastination is bad, reduce the session- 15 minutes.

If your goal is worthwhile, it requires a lot of time to realize. We don’t have a lot of time in the day. Ask yourself the hard questions about why you want this goal. Does it fit in with your purpose in life? If not, dump the goal and move on to a more worthy goal. I’ve got an infinite stack of books. I’m not going to read half of them. I’ve got no problems not finishing books I’ve started.

Good luck. Continue to pursue those goals.

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