Routines Support Goals. Applying Ship 30 Routines to Other Areas.


I’m usually all or none when it comes to exercise. If I can’t get a 2 hour workout in, I usually don’t bother. Applying the philosophy, I am going to be happy with a 30 minute workout every day. Can’t be that bad.

Twitter Engagement:

I’m usually not as engaged with others’ essays as much as I’d like. Writing my own takes up too much of my time. I’ll be engaging with at least 3 other essays on a deeper basis. More than the usual “great essay.”

Reading a Difficult Text:

Takes me a while to get warmed up to a difficult book. And by that time, I’ve already lost interest. I’ll give the Pomodoro another go with these. I just need to remind myself to turn off notifications during this time. I’d be accountable to my reading group for this one.



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