The Analog System of Knowledge Management

Pen and paper. Something to write on. Something to write with.

Nothing beats it. I’ve tried many digital systems. I keep coming back to this old fashioned method of taking notes. This could very well be due to my inherent shortcomings in the digital realm.

But the simplistic characteristic of pen and paper is appealing.

A few bits of info based on my experience.

  1. Analog systems help reduce my screen time. Intuition just tells me that all this screen time isn’t good for me. I just feel better, in general, when I don’t look at screens all day. It makes me feel productive (and less guilty).
  2. Writing is tiring and, thus, forces me to distill the gist. I type faster than I write. Before I write something, I have to work out the idea in my head. The cost of writing something useless is a tired hand. That is too much for me to bear, especially when I’m tired. It forces me to work out the concepts before committing to paper.

The bottom line: do what works for you. What worked for the most prolific writers in history has been plain old pen and paper.

2/30- October 2022 Cohort

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