The Blank Page. Don’t let it scare you.

John Guerrero
2 min readOct 26, 2022

It stares at you. Judging.

You’re not ready to write today.

Nothing you write today will be interesting. They will be words left to die in the abyss of the ever-deepening world that is the internet.

Rationalization. It’s your friend. It’s a safety mechanism for your ever-increasing self-doubt.

“You’re working so hard.”

“A day off isn’t that bad if you zoom out.”

“A day off is actually better for your sanity.”

“Why stress over a day off of writing?”

“This is turning out to be an overwhelming task… This daily publishing.”

Steven Pressfield calls this “resistance”. Resistance keeps you from doing what you should be doing.

Rationalization plays a big part of resistance. It will keep you from realizing your goals.

Don’t be a victim to resistance. He is a victim of your own creation.

Writing begets writing. Action begets action. The simple act of moving will help you gain momentum. The hardest decision we’ve got to make is deciding to move.

Resistance has been an almost daily struggle with me this year. I resolved to write and publish daily. Nice try. I used resistance to get out of that. I used the subtle art of rationalization.

It’s a pernicious tool. Seems harmless up front. But the longer I used it, the easier it became to quit. Or worse….not even start.

It was like the Frodo’s ring. The longer he used it, the more numb he became to it’s disastrous effects.

Resistance separates you from your goals. And is an entirely made up obstacle. So just don’t create him.

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