The Challenges of Daily Publishing. And How I Overcome It.

I’ve been publishing daily essays since the beginning of the year.

This last month has been like pulling teeth pumping out essays. Some days I didn’t want to publish. Some days were seamless. The only constant was sitting down to write. It didn’t matter if I had an idea or not. I sit down at my computer at home after work and don’t leave until I publish a 200-word essay.

At what point do I stop? This past month I’ve rationalized my way out of my New Years resolution of daily publishing. I tell myself that after 100 days I’ll stop writing. One hundred days pass and I’m still writing.

This rationalization is what Steven Pressfield calls “Resistance” in his book The War of Art.

Here are some mantras I tell myself when I’m not motivated to write:

  • The more difficult it is to do, the more important it is to push through.
  • Yielding to resistance deforms our spirit.
  • It was important for you to set this goal. It’s important for you to see it through to the end.
  • The more you practice discipline, and sitting down to write, the easier it becomes.

Any worthy goal is going to take some time, effort, and a ton of patience. Don’t rely on motivation. That is the first to go when things get hard. Focus instead on a routine.

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