The Quickest Way to Become an Expert- Write

John Guerrero
1 min readOct 18, 2022


“Writing to learn” is the best way to become an expert.

And if it doesn’t make you an expert, it would make you smarter than you were.

I’ve read about this theory. And in many cases, I’ve experienced the benefits. But one thing held me back from realizing “expert” status:

I can’t seem to focus on one thing.

Over the remainder of this Ship 30 Cohort, I will write about one topic and report my findings at the end of the cohort. In many ways, this is selfish. I am writing for myself and not necessarily my audience. But I think many people can relate to my situation- wanting to be smarter on a certain topic.

This is my chance.

I’ll need to do the following to set myself up for success:

  1. Plan! “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Wholeheartedly agree with this. Part of the planning must include macro-level subtopics to the big topic.
  2. Write 10 Headlines per day. With those general topic areas in mind, I can’t let each day pass without writing at least 10 headlines.
  3. Pick 1 of those headlines. Brainstorm. And then write the essay.
  4. Rinse and Repeat.

Over the remainder of this cohort, I’ll be writing about “Game Theory.” For no other reason than I’m interested in this concept. And that it can explain a lot about the world in which we live.

3/30- October 2022 Cohort

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