The Ultimate Productivity Stack

Here are the apps I use on daily.

  1. Kindle (application). Most of my media consumption is done through Kindle. I can’t seem to commit to a single book at one time. I have attention issues when it comes to reading. I highlight anything that sparks my interest.
  2. Readwise. The Kindle highlights eventually show up on my Readwise account in a random manner. When highlights surface on my daily Readwise reviews, I pick one and write about it.
  3. Obsidian. I use this app to flesh out ideas via fleeting notes. Mostly writing exactly what I think. Talking to myself as I flesh out ideas is not uncommon. Once ideas develop into some original thought, I make permanent re-usable notes in my note-taking system. These permanent notes feed writing projects for later use.
  4. Twitter (via Typeshare). I use permanent notes to help with atomic essays that I ultimately publish through Twitter (if a Ship 30 cohort is ongoing) or through Medium.

What does your productivity stack look like?



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