Three Pieces of Advice for Those About to Board Their First Ship 30 Cohort.

A daily writing practice can be tough. Here’s what I would recommend to my Day 1 self starting out on Ship 30.

1. Try a handwritten brain storming session. Draw some mind maps. The goal is idea vomit on a single topic. Don’t worry about the published essay. Just get ideas on paper.

2. Systems over goals. I started my writing sessions with the blank page in front of me. This should be the last step in the process. The “writing session” should start with some reflection. Some people walk and think. I do that as well, but not as regularly as I should. I recently started the analog doodle session before looking at the blank Typeshare page (see item 1).

3. Simple is always best. Simple sentences. Delete unnecessary words. Simple visual layout. Give the reader’s eyes a break.

If you can only take and use one piece of advice here, I’d recommend:

Focus on developing your writing process. Think about it. Some writers time their writing sessions to see how they progress over the cohort. That’s not a bad idea.

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