Visualizing Success is the Key to Success

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Your thoughts about yourself can tell you whether you will succeed or fail.

Thoughts are important and are, many times, self-fulfilling prophecies. If you believe this, and you should, why would you undertake an important task with a negative mindset? The odds are stacked against you. However, if you go into the task with a positive mindset and visualization of success, your odds are much better.

Success is not about luck; it’s about mindset and thinking positive thoughts. Here are some ways to start thinking positively and visualize success:

  • Start your day by thinking of 3 things you’re grateful for. Gratefulness goes a long way and it impacts your positive outlook significantly.
  • Imagine yourself completing the task and succeeding. Do not think about the details of how you’ll go about completing the task. Instead, think about how it would feel to be on the other side of the task- the completed side.
  • Listen to successful people’s speeches or read their autobiographies. Constantly feed yourself with motivational stories. Stories that will keep you on track to pursuing your goals.
  • Write down your goals and review them regularly. If it is worth pursuing, it is worth writing down and reviewing regularly. Check your progress periodically. If a goal is no longer enticing, ditch it and move on. You’ll refine your criteria for taking on goals the more you do it.

So, the next time you have an important task to do, try going in with a positive mindset and visualization of success. You might be surprised at how well it works. And if you find yourself struggling, don’t worry — we all have our off days. Just take a step back, relax, and give yourself some time to get into the right headspace before trying again. Remember to enjoy your successes along the way!



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