Why Classic Literature Matters: The Importance of Reading the Greats

  1. They open up your mind.
  2. You will understand the world and the people in it better.
  3. They are beautiful works of art that can take you on an amazing journey.
  4. Classics teach us about life, love, loss, war, and so much more. Reading them can make you a more well-rounded person. classics also give us a chance to slow things down. This is particularly because some of them are quite difficult to pierce. But once you get through them, it can be life-changing.
  1. Prep work. Once you’ve picked your first Classic, read up about the author, the times, and any of the big events that occurred during the period.
  2. Give the author a chance. Sometimes (most times) you won’t get the material on the first pass. That’s fine. It took St. Thomas Aquinas several readings of Aristotle’s Metaphysics before it stuck with him. And it changed his life after.
  3. Read what the author read. Or at least be familiar with it. These works influenced him/her. It can shed some light on what the book is about.



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The Sophist

The Sophist

I am a reader and writer. I love to read and write about family, pets, and life. Reading philosophy is my least favorite thing to do, but someone has to do it.